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Macs vs. PC

I have had the pleasure to work with computers since I had my very first Commodore 64 (Perhaps I'll leave an explanation what that was for the younglings at the bottom). Then I moved on to a 386 that actually had a hard drive in a massive tower - again slow as molasses but it was cool at the time. Now I work on a MacBook Pro that if anyone damaged might send me to Death Row for murder, she's my current baby. Of course, if you've met me you'll realize fairly quickly that tech equals obsession for me nowadays. I run my life mainly from an iPhone, which is backed up by my MacBook Pro - on the other side I am forced by my evil overlords to work on an HP laptop in order to afford my obsession and one set of classes forces me onto a slightly older Dell laptop. As of early December 2010 I have begun marking my calendar waiting for the release of iPad 2 - don't get me started. So I have had the fortune to work with both the Mac computer system and the standard PC system, even though they are exactly the same. A Mac is a PC technically, since PC stands for Personal Computer; over time though, because the Mac system is so unique it has come to be its own call sign and a PC is everything else basically. Kinda like BMW is luxury for most people and General Motors is everyone else (personal opinion there I'm sure).

Difference #1 - Operating Systems and Program Types
Mac computers run on the OS operating system, although you can technically run Windows or LInux systems on Macs, the default is the OS system. Apple has also gone to great lengths to make sure that the OS system only runs on Mac computers (by the way Apple and Mac and Macintosh are all the same company, just in case you didn't know that) with their own file extensions and programs.

The majority of PC computers though are running on the Windows operating system from Microsoft. This is not the only operating system though, as Linux is another choice that can used as well. Legally, it should be noted, that you cannot load an OS operating system onto a PC - although you will find throughout the net people who have ignored this small legality and gone ahead and done so. Like OS, Windows has its own programs, applications and file extensions.

Difference #2 - Hardware Customization
Mac computers do not offer a high number of hardware customization options, mainly the RAM memory and hard drive capacity. Although they have added a little more customization over the years, these are the two main ones still. A small caveat though should be made in regards to the MacBook Pro - this rather wonderful device allows customization of the RAM, hard drive, graphics card and drives.

A PC though allows the customization of any hardware component that you want. In fact, if you have the knowledge, you can build a PC from scratch and thusly pick out each and every piece of hardware yourself. Brand PCs (examples are Dell, HP, and Sony) allow less customization, but still just about anything.

Difference #3 - Operating System Flexibility
If necessary, a Mac computer can have Windows or LInux installed on it legally. This allows the user to install the Windows compatible only programs onto a Mac, giving them the flexibility of switching between the operating systems and gain additional advantage over the single PC user. Again it should be noted, OS cannot legally be loaded onto a PC computer - only Macs.

Which is better - Mac or PC?

Why Macs are Better
- Macs give you the ability to run OS X and Windows both (legally).
- Macs work great with other Apple components such as the iPhone,
iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, etc...
- Macs are very simple to use.
- Macs are less likely to get
computer viruses, although they can get viruses.
Purchasing a Mac gives you Apple Store support.
- Apple uses quality parts to manufacture Macs.
- Macs are trendsetting, designed well, and visually appealing.
- Macs come with better software, out of the box (iLife).
- Macs give you out of the box access to the iTunes Store, if you are an iPod or iPhone user.
- Out of the box, Macs are not loaded with trials and additional software.
- Apple has top of the line phone support.

Why PCs are Better
- You can build a PC from the ground up, picking each individual component. PCs give you maximum customizability.
- PCs are generally cheaper in price. You can get the same processor, amount of RAM, and hard drive capacity for much cheaper with a PC.
- Branded PCs are a wide market. You have many options when it comes to choosing a PC: Dell, HP, Gateway, etc... There are really only 6 types of Mac computer: MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro.
- PCs have better software compatibility. You can find practically any software for PC. Macs are more limited in selection.
- PCs generally have better backwards compatibility. You can run Windows 7 on a 5 year old PC. You cannot run Snow Leopard on a Power Mac G5.
- More people use PCs. Thus, PCs have a larger support community behind them.
- The majority of businesses use PCs.
- PCs are better for gaming.
- PCs have more compatible accessories than Macs.
- PCs are more upgradable.
- PCs are open source.

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