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Fundraising Efforts and Campaigns

The Paralegal Club is proud to be an ongoing organization supporting area charities and community organizations. During each school year typically the club sponsors a canned food drive that benefits area Homeless Shelters, as well as clothing drives and fundraisers for various area charities.

In particular in April 2009, the Paralegal Club hosted a PartyLite fundraiser that culminated with an onsite sale in the Baker College Atrium on April 28. There were various items available including baked goods, books, craft items, children’s media, and miscellaneous other items. We were able to raise approximately $180 from the onsite sale and an additional $160 from the PartyLite fundraiser. All proceeds went to the Paralegal Club’s administrative costs with additional funds used for future programs and events.

In 2008, the Paralegal Club collected business attire for both men and women. Donations went to LIghthouse to aid disadvantaged men and women make the best impression possible in interviews and beginning new jobs. The campaign accepted donations of clothing, accessories, and shoes; any items that would aid in making the receiver the best candidate for the job (or at least help them in their confidence levels).