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Paralegal Club @ Baker College of Auburn Hills

The Paralegal Club is an active organization of future paralegals dedicated to promoting the paralegal profession and paralegal education. Members of the organization traditionally participate in college governance activities and fund-raising events. Membership has its benefits through club trips and other social activities. It affords its members the ability to network with professionals in the legal field and gives them an opportunity to learn valuable skills and insight.

The Paralegal Club helps build leadership skills and provides networking opportunities with other students and legal professionals throughout the community and state. You can discover career opportunities and participate in the community enrichment activities and programs. Finally, new friendships and resume-enhancing experiences are key features you will enjoy by joining this sociable and professional association.

Besides student leadership activities, members of the club engage in fundraising for local charities and club events and activities. Club trips are intended to encourage access to legal specialties or enhance your education that is not available int he curriculum or in the Southeast Michigan area.